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Welcome to Young.Stat

What is Youth.Stat?

Youth.Stat is the data warehouse that collects and organizes statistical data produced by Istat on teenagers and young people, in order to make them more accessible to any kind of user: policy makers, researchers, journalists, citizens.

Data are generally referred to young people from 15 to 34 years, with exceptions properly marked.

Data are organized in a homogeneous and coherent way and they are constantly upgraded.

Youth.Stat is part of #YOUTH, the statistical information system that collects and organizes statistical data, press releases, data visualization tools and international sources and insights produced by Istat on teenagers and young people, allowing an integrated view of the available data.

How does Youth.Stat work?

Statistical data are grouped by themes and topics. Youth.Stat can be queried by keyword or by theme.

Data are organized in multidimensional tables, which users can export in xls, csv and sdmx formats. In addition, users can obtain customized tables and graphs changing variables, reference periods and heads and sides of the tables, according to their objectives.


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